Thursday, April 07, 2005

Licking County Road Trip # 1

Licking County Bridges Posted by Hello

Wednesday was a beautiful spring day here in central Ohio so I went bridge hunting. I entered the coordinates of the 14 Licking County bridges I have not yet visited into my GPS and took off on my motorcycle to see them. This was my first trip on my bike since I changed the chain gear ratio so it was also a test ride to see if I liked it.

Well I was off to a bad start. The first bridge was gone - replaced by a concrete culvert. This was not a good sign about the accuracy of the data I had retrieved from the Ohio DOT! I went on to the next bridge. It was there but appeared not to the original bridge but one considerably newer than the reported build date of 1900 . It was not the even the same design as reported so undoubtedly had been replaced.

I made it to a total of 9 bridge sites before calling it a day. The overall results: 2 were gone and the 7 others were replaced. All replacement bridges were similar Warren welded pony truss bridges one of which is shown in the picture. A very disappointing day. I hope I'm luckier with the other 5 bridges. Well at least the bike ran well. I think I like the new gear ratio