Saturday, June 25, 2005

A bridge Too Far!

This bridge is in Coshocton County, pretty well in the middle of nowhere. Its not even the bridge I was looking for but a fairly new replacement of the original Pratt Through bridge that was at this site.

Don't be fooled by the nice gravel road in the picture. The "roads" (to use the term loosely) I took to get here were the worst I've encountered and there were miles of them. Mostly dirt with steep hills and tight curves. Sections with deep hard-as-rock dirt ruts and others with sparse gravel. Parts only 8' wide, some sections with grass growing on the crown.

There is a decent route to the bridge if you come from the south-west (that's how I exited). I came to the bridge from the north. I'm surprised these roads were on a map. They have no business being called "Township Highways" as they are not passable by car! I don't know how I kept my street motorcycle shiny side up. The vehicles of choice would have been a dirt-bike or a raised 4-wheel drive pickup. I certainly wouldn't want to be in any wussy SUV.