Friday, July 27, 2007

Howard Bridge

Photo: 11/2004 rj
SFN 4231341

It's too late to save this one. It was quickly demolished 6/11/07. This iron Double Intersect Pratt Through (Whipple) bridge was built by the Columbia Bridge Works in 1872 on a now abandoned section of Route 35 over the Kokosing River in Knox county. The south span of this 2-span bridge was removed years ago. The center pier was damaged by recent spring floods and was in danger of collapse bringing the bridge with it. The Mt Vernon mayor proposed moving this bridge to Foundation Park to save it but failure to convince the city council to partially fund this project doomed these efforts. Removal consisted of dropping the bridge into the river and trashing the pieces. See video from the Mount Vernon News.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Notice of Site Changes

Notice: the role of this BLOG has changed. It will now contain only archival material that has been published in OldOhioBridges.com for a limited time (usually a month or less).

The previous seven (7) entries have been moved here from another website thus the posting date does not properly indicate their original publication dates, which were between December 2006 and June 2007.

Orange Road Bridge

Photo: 2004 rj
SFN 2132184

The county is now debating the future of this Delaware County bridge. Built in 1898 and listed on the National Register of Historic Places this single lane bridge may be a victim of the increasing traffic in rapidly growing southern Delaware County. Locals are fighting for its preservation but it looks like the bridge will be bypassed.

The Clark Road Bridge

Photo: 2005 rj
SFN 5130158

Located north-west of La Rue in Marion County. The road and bridge are closed. Built in 1916 by the Central Concrete and Construction Company, this bridge appears in good shape except for a damaged rail section inflected by a vehicle in 2004. This decorative example of a Pratt Through Truss bridge reportedly is to be replaced.

Express your concerns to: mailto:engineer@co.marion.oh.us

Whetstone Iron Bowstring Bridge

Photo: 5/2005
SFN 5930197

Located in Mount Gilead, Morrow County, this rare iron bowstring was built by the Wrought Iron Bridge Company in 1879. It was in service until damaged by a vehicle 8/2005 and now its future is uncertain.

Express your concerns to: mailto:morrowco@rrohio.com

Callender Road Bridge

Photo: Rob Trainor, 2006
SFN 432954

This is an unusual 3-span "compound" bridge (1913) having plate girder pony approaches and a Pratt through center-span. The bridge is markedly skewed (one side of the bridge is advanced relative to the other side). Located in Ashtabula County; it is reportedly funded for replacement in 2009.

Send your concerns to: mailto:info@ashtabulacountyengineer.org

Great Miami River Bridge

Photo: 3/2007 rj
SFN 4631838
Built by the Massillon Bridge Co. in 1882 this Double Intersect Pratt (or Whipple) Pinned Through Truss bridge is in Logan County over the Great Miami River. This rare iron bridge is reportedly to be removed this summer, a short-sighted decision that would result in a significant loss.
Note added 4/3/2007: County denies that it has plans to work on the above bridge according to the Ohio Historic Preservation Office.

Scioto River Bridge

Photo: 6/2005 rj
SFN 6533159

This camelback 3-span through truss bridge (1914) is one of several multi-spans in Pickaway County built by the Oregonia Bridge Company. Reportedly it is to be removed next year.

Send concerns to: county engineer

Johnston-Slagle Road Bridge

Photo: 5/2006 Nathan Holth
SFN 7538081

Built by the Morse Bridge Company in 1900 this 2-span Pratt Pinned Through bridge crosses the Great Miami River in Shelby County. Bids were let for replacement in 2007. This loss would leave only one historic bridge in the county.

Send your concerns to: Shelby County Engineer